Who we are


Cabinplant has its headquarters in Haarby, Denmark. We have a staff of close to 300 devoted employees in Denmark and Poland, and subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Poland and the USA.

We also work through a sales network of agents around the world.


For more than 45 years Cabinplant A/S was a privately owned company. In 2016 the American industrial company CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, took over 80 percent of Cabinplant’s shares.

Ralf Astrup, CEO, and Jan Helskov, CFO, are responsible for the management of Cabinplant A/S.


Our main goal is to develop, manufacture and market innovative, high-quality processing equipment for the food industry worldwide.

Our focus is on 5 segments:

  • Fish & Seafood
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Dairy Food
  • Convenience Food.


We are one of the world leaders in development of processing technology, especially in the fields of processing and weighing/packing and in the handling of complex raw materials.

Many of our inventions are now market standards across the international food industry, and we continue to create new and innovative solutions as the food market keeps getting increasingly automated. All our equipment is manufactured in stainless steel.


Our expertise is the handling, processing, weighing and packing of difficult-to-handle products for large-scale food productions. Sticky, complicated and fragile raw materials that require innovative thinking to become desirable products for end customers – that’s our business.


With more than 5,000 projects delivered and installed worldwide, we are aware that know-how, innovation and good customer service are crucial to our success.



Social responsibility

Our definition of corporate social responsibility is to take the social responsibility further than the legal obligations. We think of it as a company taking extra responsibility in the society by going out of its way to look after present and future employees.

This could be in terms of education, special conditions and possibilities for disabled and/or a particularly good working environment with openings for employees who cannot usually be employed on normal conditions for some reason.

It is of benefit to the employee, to the company and to the society as a whole that companies offer this possibility to more people so they can be active members of the workforce.

Cabinplant has been certified as a socially responsible company by Assens Kommune in 2018.