In 1969 Cabinplant A/S was founded by Hans Clausen and Vagn Hansen. The original objective of the company was to manufacture cabins for spray painting, hence the name Cabinplant.

However, very soon contact was established with the fish and vegetable industries, and from 1976 the company's activities were exclusively within the food industry.


In 1976 the company moved to new manufacturing facilities in Haarby on the island of Funen where it is still located today.


In 1981 Cabinplant's first sales subsidiary was established, and as a natural result of the increasing international activities the company name was changed to Cabinplant International A/S. Over the years, exports continued to increase and today constitute more than 80% of the total turnover.


In 1986 the company Cabincontrol was founded to ensure sufficient know-how within electric automation, a key factor to reliable running of Cabinplant's processing lines. Cabincontrol was incorporated in Cabinplant A/S in 1994.


In 1988 Food Machinery Market (FMM) was founded as a subsidiary of Cabinplant. FMM specializes in second-hand processing equipment for the food industry.


In 1991 Cabinplant acquired the Danish company Systec, which developed and manufactured multihead weighers. Through this acquisition Cabinplant was now in a more advantageous position to incorporate weighing, filling and packing solutions into its complete processing lines.


In 2004 the name Cabinplant International A/S was changed back to Cabinplant A/S.


In 2005 the founders passed the company on to a younger generation in order to secure its future. Ralf Astrup and Jan Helskov Hansen were the new owners, and both had been with Cabinplant for a number of years. Hans Clausen and Vagn Hansen are still active in the company where they help to ease the way for the new generation.


In 2012 Food Machinery Market (FMM) was sold and continues outside Cabinplant.


In 2016 Ralf Astrup and Jan Helskov Hansen took on a new partner in the company’s ownership and sold 80 percent of the company’s shares to the American industrial company CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Ralf Astrup said in the press release, “Within the poultry segment – which is one of Cabinplant’s important growth areas – we cannot gain a stronger partner than CTB. CTB’s strong position in the poultry market compliments our products for weighing and packing and together this brings us to a leading position as a supplier of total solutions for processing and packing of chicken worldwide. In addition, CTB has a strong position in the US, and we do in Europe. We will be able to exploit these strengths, both geographically and in the solutions we offer, and in the future be an even stronger partner for both existing and new customers globally”.

Cabinplant still has its headquarters in Haarby with Ralf Astrup and Jan Helskov Hansen continuing as CEO and CFO respectively.