Working at Cabinplant

At Cabinplant you become part of a 50-year old family, located in the beautiful Southern part of Funen, Haarby. Here, you will find colleagues who all work for a common cause: building the best machines for the food industry. And we do so with the greatest people, while simultaneously having fun.

Our many years of experience and expertise, is something we have a long history of keeping in-house. This means that we build, assemble and test every machine in Haarby, with all the necessary knowledge from your colleagues just next door.

We believe that a diverse group of employees is the key to success and a good working environment – therefore Cabinplant always has interns, trainees, and freshly graduated students in all departments. At the same time we also aim to hire highly experienced and skilled colleagues who bring vast knowledge and new ideas to the table. You will also find senior employee schemes and adult apprentices. We recognize that we are better when we join forces and exploit each other’s strong points.

Our Recruiting Process

We love reading applications and you are always most welcome to apply to an open position or send us an unsolicited application. Make sure you send us your application via the form on our website, as we do not accept applications on e-mail or paper due to the new GDPR law.

We typically have two interviews with a potential candidate and often we will do a personality test. An employee from our Human Resources Department will always be present at the interview and of course the manager from the relevant department(s).

What we would like to hear from you?

One of Cabinplant’s core values is having fun, while working. So please tell us in your application what part of your job/education/experience that makes you the most happy.

Students and Trainees

We offer students, trainees and interns a relevant education and steep learning curve on a high professional level. We want to live up to the expectations and demands young people have for a modern work place, and make ourselves as attractive as possible to young students.

Contact and Visitors:

You are always welcome to call our main number at +45 63 73 20 20 and ask for an employee from our Human Resources Department. We are happy to guide you or answer any questions you might have.

We love having visitors from different schools and Universities and students in general. We often give a presentation and tour of Cabinplant to relevant visitors. If you are interested you can also call our main number at +45 63 73 20 20 and ask for an employee from our Human Resources Department who will guide you and arrange the necessary details for a visit. 

Do you want to be part of the Cabinplant family?

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